Masala Chai

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Masala Chai

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With your first sip you should be transported to the colourful, aromatic spice markets of India. With your second sip you will probably be wondering why on earth you haven't been drinking this before. Highly recommended at all times but especially delicious on chilly mornings and cold nights.


Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water, then brew your tea, 4+ mins, a little honey or sugar, with milk. Try this out as a chai latte. Brew a tsp with half a mug of water and top with whisked up milk (coconut milk adds an extra layer of taste) and sprinkled with cinnamon or ginger. Yummy.


Hot Tea, Milk , Iced Tea , Energy, Focus, High Caffeine 


Indian Black Tea, Cardamon, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Pepper, Fennel


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  • Spiced tea has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years and this is our version. Indian black tea that has been blended with the spicy pungency of cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, ginger, clove and black pepper all combine to create this signature black chai. Can be drunk with or without milk but you would be missing out by not at least trying traditional Masala Chai. Heat a big mug of milk in a pan, add a small tsp of Chai, a bigger tsp of sugar, simmer for five minutes or so, taste, add more chai or sugar if your want (it is your chai after all ) :) strain and serve.

    CHAI LATTE ( Makes Two Mugs )

    Steep 2 tsp of Chai in a mug's worth of boiling water for five to ten minutes, to make the tea base. While tea is steeping, heat a mug of milk and whisk or foam up, then spoon the foamed milk into two mugs. Pour the brewed Chai over the foamed milk in each mug and top with a little brown sugar and mixed spice and serve. Dark chocolate squares on the side are optional but recommended. Enjoy!